Carbolite Gero’s versatile new TSO rotary / oscillatory reactor tube furnace range incorporates high-quality heating elements and innovative thermal insulation design to achieve first class performance while maintaining both reduced case temperatures and power consumption.

The TSO tube furnace body is split into two halves and hinged at the rear; pneumatic dampening struts at either end provide a smooth opening action. The ability to open the furnace makes it easier for operators to insert vessels, such as reactors, with end flanges that would make them difficult to insert into a non-split furnace.

The TSO rotary reactor tube furnace has been specially designed for the processing or testing of powdered or granular materials at high temperatures. A quartz vessel is fitted within the furnace into which materials are placed. A variable speed drive system rotates the vessel within the heated zone by 314° to create an oscillatory motion. Optional accessory packages offer standard or fluted vessels, and the ability to operate under either air or a modified gas atmosphere.

High quality heating elements

  • Excellent temperature uniformity
  • Fast heat-up and cool-down rates
  • Unsurpassed temperature uniformity along the entire heated length

High quality thermal insulation

  • Low energy consumption
  • Low external case temperature
  • Designed for longevity

Modified atmosphere

The Carbolite Gero TSO rotary reactor tube furnace range may be equipped with gas connections to accommodate modified atmosphere applications.

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