Telstar LyoAlfa

The optimal solution for laboratories:With more than 45 years of experience, Telstar introduces the new LyoAlfa equipment, particularlysuitable for research departments requiring largefreeze-drying capacities.

This laboratory unit is especially suitable for the R&Dcentres in industries, universities, hospitals andscientific institutes. It has been designed accordingthe GLP principles in order to comply with thestrictest international standards. This model incorporates unique and high levelcontrol performances, as well as excellent technicalfeatures.

Outstanding features

  • Compact console design with casters in order to make iteasy to install.
  • PLC controlled equipment: automatic pressure controland shelves temperature programming.
  • Touch screen that displays system operation parametersand alarm messages.
  • Very wide and useful informationand setting selection is provided.
  • Monitoring software LyoLogger to connect unit to PC:standard unit including RS232 port.
  • Unit allows fully automatic or semiautomatic process.Auto-start up and automatic switch off routines areincluded.
  • Two choices of temperature: -55°C and -85°C.
  • LyoAlfa 10/15Pressure control: automatic control of vacuum for fasterfreeze drying and reproducible results.
  • Isolation valve between chamber and condenser, veryuseful to test freeze-drying end point by controlling thepressure raising in the chamber.
  • Side mounted vacuum and drain connections withvalves.
  • Upright AISI 316L condenser with total capacity up to22 kg.
  • Automatic defrosting function.
  • Condenser design allowseasy and quick cleaning and defrosting.
  • Wide range of accessories and options to accommodateto every freeze drying application.

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