NuAire AllerGard ES NU-620 Containment Animal Transfer Station

The AllerGard™ ES (Energy Saver) NU-620 Animal Transfer Station is modeled after the Class II Biological Safety Cabinet* design offering you the highest vivarium standard in the environmental, personnel and product protection for small animal cage changing procedures. Model NU-620 is an entirely mobile unit that can be outfitted with various ergonomic accessories to the meet the need of your facility’s workflow.

Uncompromised Protection

Personnel ProtectionNuAire cage changing stations focus on the safety and well-being of you, the lab technician. This is why we offer the AllerGard™ NU-620. It is put through rigorous testing, holding up against animal waste, hair, dander and more, protecting technicians during animal cage changes and transfers.

Dynamic Air Barrier

As a single sided unit the AllerGard™ NU-620 provides an active air barrier of 75 fpm (0.38 m/s) separating the laboratory environment from the work zone. Particles from the laboratory environment are intercepted, minimizing potentially contaminated air from entering the work area. You will experience improved allergen protection from particles such as hair and dander, via a vacuum system along the front grill.Product ProtectionOur commitment to safety drove us to test the AllerGard™ NU-620 using the same standards as those set for Biosafety Cabinetry, NSF/ANSI 49*. It was found that the AllerGard™ NU-620 not only meets but exceeds the stringent test standards established for product protection. Combining the air barrier located at the front of the cabinet and the laminar airflow moving across the work surface, your valuable lab animals are safe and protected.

TechnologyAeroMax Electronic Control System

You can count on the AeroMax Electronic Control System to provide intuitive, easy-to-use features. The user interface is operated through LEDs and function keys, at the same time integrating essential sensors and monitoring features.

LED Lighting

Energy-efficient, bright LED lighting is standard with the NU-620. This helps eliminate eye strain and allows for better visualization of the product.PerformanceLow Noise OperationLoud machinery can cause unneeded stress in both lab personnel and subject animals. This is one reason we have ensured that the NU-620 meets the low noise requirements as laid out by the NSF/ANSI 49 Biosafety Cabinet Standard.

Minimized Heat Build-up

Motor blower configuration and recirculated airflow can build-up heat within the work zone resulting in unintended stress to the laboratory animal and technician. A push/pull airflow design using a motor blower in the supply and an additional motor blower in the exhaust filter track minimizes any heat buildup by exhausting 100% of the airflow.Accessibility and Ergonomics

Sizes That Meet Your Workflow

A workspace is only as good as its efficiency. Model NU-620 is offered in three different widths, nominal 3, 4, and 5-foot (0.9, 1.2, and 1.5 m). Robust metal construction ensures a long-lasting unit, while the heavy-duty casters and pull/push bars allow for ease of navigation throughout the lab.

Single Sided Verus Dual Sided Cabinet

The single-sided option offers unsurpassed technician protection, including allergen containment and ergonomic work surface configuration, while the dual-sided option allows for more than one user and greater workflow. The generous 14″ (356 mm) access opening offers easy access to the unit. Standard available sizes include three, four and five-foot widths with options for custom work area depths.

Standard Features

AeroMax™ Electronic Control System

Ultra High Efficiency EC Supply Impeller

Ultra High Efficiency DC/ECM Exhaust MotorAttenumont

Vibration Control System3-inch (76 mm)

Metal Frame Supply HEPA Filter 99.99% @ 0.3 microns3-inch (76 mm)

Metal Frame Exhaust HEPA Filter 99.99% @ 0.3 microns

Washable/reuseable supply pre-filter

Washable/reuseable exhaust pre-filer

Metal Diffuser Over Supply Filter14-inch (356 mm)

Hinged Window Sash Access Opening

LED Lighting

Light Timer4” (102 mm) Castors w/ BrakesTwo (2) Push/Pull Bars

Removable Prop Up Work Tray

Spill Trough with Waste ChuteOne (1) Duplex Outlet Right Side Wall

Power Cord


3 Years Parts and Labor (United States and Canada)4 Years Parts (Global)*The AllerGard™ NU-620 is NOT a substitute for a Class II Biological Safety Cabinet. The AllerGard™ NU-620 is NOT a containment device for airborne particulates in the low to moderate risk-hazard research as prescribed by the CDC/NIH in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories.

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