Lautenschläger ZentraCert


ZentraCERT or the central sterilization department

A high pressure steam sterilizer for the sterilization of firm and porous goods at 121°C and 134°C according to DIN EN 285 with capacities from 2 to 12 sterilization units

The ZentraCERT is the steam sterilizer for the central sterilization department in hospitals or laboratories with an ergonomically designed loading level of 85 cm. A wide range of types, high-performance process technology and equipment as well as intelligent accessories guarantee optimum safety and reliability – with a total width of only one meter.

Advanced process technology for optimum efficiency and profitability
The Lautenschläger ZentraCERT focuses on maximum reliability, minimum operating and follow-up costs and the lowest possible energy and utility demand.

Our contribution to economy and ecology – the innovative cooling water recycle system reduces the fresh water demand to a minimum … in combination with a closed-loop cold water supply no more precious drinking water is required for cooling purposes.

Preventive maintenance only once a year – low-wear components, durable and accurate instrumentation and a high volume tube condenser permit long service intervals and lowest maintenance costs … even in operation with non- softened cooling water.

Not every steam sterilizer is noisy – highly efficient motor- driven vacuum pumps and intelligent process technology quiet down the ZentraCERT – only the residual running time display indicates if the sterilizer is in operation.

Innovative solutions for maximum sterilization safety
Lautenschläger door seal system – the inflatable door seal is maintenance-free for several thousand cycles. Its design guarantees 100% leak tightness during the whole wear lifespan. Integrated process control (DMA – Lautenschläger steam analyzer) – highest measuring accuracy, individually calibrated and adjusted for each sterilizer. A failure warning system for process and batch control, usable as a PCD according to EN ISO 17665 and meeting the requirements of an Air Detector according to EN 285.

The DMA is your reliable, user-friendly and cost-efficient alternative to a conventional chemical indicator system. Additional cycle control systems are no longer necessary.

Steam penetration test (DMA BD)

The measuring module BD upgrades the DMA to fulfil the demands of an alternative Bowie-Dick test according to EN ISO 11140-4. With this module integrated in your sterilizer the daily Bowie-Dick test no longer requires conventional steam penetration test systems. The DMA BD detects changes and variations long before the non-condensable gas concentration in the chamber becomes critical.

Intelligent accessories in a flexible overall concept

  • ZentraCERT charging sets … comfortably operated and with a robust mechanical design – transport carts, loading carts and loading cart return locks accurately adapted to this sterilizer type.
  • ZentraCERT loading systems ... automatic unloading of the loading carts at the end of each sterilization cycle for minimum waiting times and optimum sterilizer output.
  • Cycle documentation and surgical instruments tracking … our standard includes a cycle data base and a text and graphic printer – or do you prefer an integrated software solution? The Lautenschläger cycle data interface supports the connection of a wide range of software systems.

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