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COMPREHENSIVE WASTE UNLOADING SYSTEM The most economic option consists of unloading the waste after processing using a stainless steel unloading basket which can be removed from the machine via a handle. DÉCHARGEMENT AVEC STERIPLUSTM SYSTEMThe exclusive* STERIPLUS™ System contains a set of features that unload shredded, decontaminated waste safely and conveniently for operators.The STERIPLUS™ System was designed to be used exclusively with the STERIPLUS™ 40 biohazardous waste treatment systems.*Patent pending.  Use the multi-function handle to pull the basket.Release the handle at the top of the basket to remove it.Position the basket on its transport rocker and lock it.Transport the rocker with its handle folded away.Position it on the turning station.Push the rocker over to tip out the waste.The STERIPLUS™ System accessories are available separately. MANUAL UNLOADING BASKET.  Internal basket ref. PANINT40: wire-mesh basket for receiving and removing solid waste.Multi-function handle ref. PMF40: pull the basket out of the machine and use the handle for better grip when transporting.Transport rocker ref. CBT40: sealed and with a foldaway handle, it is used to collect the basket and transport the waste safely.Turning station (ref. STR40) and support for waste bags (ref. SUPSP40): turning station is placed on a support to easily tip the basket to unload the waste directly in the garbage.

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