Jacomex PURESmart

Jacomex PURESmart is a high-quality glove box for everyday purposes under a controlled atmosphere in academic research, start-ups, and industrial use. It is designed to be enhanced with additional add-on equipment (freezers, spin coaters, solvent trap, filters …). H2O-O2 single line compact purifier, <1ppm O2 / H2O.

Technical data:

  • Tightness Class 1 according to ISO 10648-2 (oxygen method) – Leak rate < 5.10E-4/h (0.05 Vol%/h)
  • EPDM gaskets with high chemical resistance
  • Glovebox – vacuum chamber – piping: stainless steel X2CrNi18-9 (AISI304L)
  • Manual vacuum chamber Ø 400 Length 600 mm – Inner sliding tray – Removable rails – Leak rate < 10E-5mbar l/s
  • Front panel: sapphire polycarbonate – laminated mineral glass
  • Polymer glove rings Ø 220 mm – Antistatic butyl gloves
  • Lighting from the ceiling (LED spotlights)
  • 6 stainless steel shelves (height-adjustable)
  • 1 electrical feedthrough 230V + 6 blank feedthroughs for ISO KF40
  • Automatic regulation (positive or negative pressure)
  • Remote stand-alone H2O – O2 purification unit
  • 7“ HD color touch screen: new intuitive menus, integrated assistance, user management, traceability, graphs and alarms…


  • Pre-fitted modules for plug-and-play extension
  • Ultra-short purification circuit–Enhanced performances – Important purification capacities allowing to purify 2 to 3 modules
  • Purification loads superior to equivalent models offered by competitors
  • Pressure regulation without vacuum pump
  • Silence – Enhanced user experience
  • Short lead times
  • Simple and accessible maintenance
  • Long service life – Low operating costs

Possible applications: Storing, preparation, scaling, chemical reaction, and synthesis, organometallic chemistry, material science…

Popular in electrochemical assembling and tests – especially battery research.

Available Downloads:

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