Jacomex PUREMod

Jacomex PUREMod is a flexible and modular glove box with a stand-alone purification unit (<1ppm O2 / H2O). Workstations can be single-sided or double-sided depending on the customer’s application and needs. Numerous options for all processes in R&D and production. PUREMod glove box is equipped with excellent performance for any industrial or experimental development
requiring modularity and high purity of the atmosphere. It is recommended for the integration of scientific instrumentation, measurement and analysis devices, and process improvement.

Technical data:

  • Tightness Class 1 according to ISO 10648-2 (oxygen method)Leak rate < 5.10E-4/h (0.05 Vol%/h)
  • EPDM gaskets with high chemical resistance
  • Glovebox – vacuum chamber – piping: stainless steel X2CrNi18-9 (AISI304L)
  • Programmable automatic vacuum chamber Ø 400 Length 600 mm – Inner sliding tray – Removable rails – Leak rate < 10E-5 mbar l/s
  • Front panel: sapphire polycarbonate – laminated mineral glass
  • Polymer glove rings Ø 220 mm – Antistatic butyl gloves
  • Lighting from the ceiling (LED spotlights)
  • 6 stainless steel shelves (height-adjustable)
  • 1 electrical feedthrough 230V + 6 blank feedthroughs for ISO KF40
  • Automatic regulation (positive or negative pressure)
  • Remote stand-alone H2O – O2 purification unit
  • 7“ HD color touch screen: new intuitive menus, integrated assistance, user management, traceability, graphs and alarms…


  • Versatility: flexible standard design
  • Short purification circuit – Optimized performance
  • Increased purification capacities designed for larger volumes and longer regeneration times – Purification loads are among the most quantitative on the market for equivalent range.
  • Pressure regulation without vacuum pump (positive pressure/negative pressure)
  • Quiet – Comfortable to use
  • Easy and accessible maintenance
  • Long service life – Low operation costs
  • HMI 7” Interface

Possible applications: Material science and polymers, synthetic chemistry, assembly and characterization of lithium-ion batteries, biology and all kind of strong anaerobic atmospheres, welding of titanium parts for the aeronautics industry.

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