Berner SealSafe – jätteen kuumasaumaaja liiketunnistimella

Laboratory waste has to be disposed of safely. The Berner SealSafe® Sensor has been specially  designed for receiving and air-tight sealing of waste requiring special supervision. Whereever there is waste, especially waste hazardous to health, the Berner SealSafe® adds to increase workplace safety.

Waste (such as used gloves, gowns, swabs, prep mats, etc.) can be shrink-wrapped air-tight immediately after production, and falls directly into the waste disposal container provided. These can then be safely disposed of according to the appropriate waste code key.

The new Berner SealSafe Sensor has a touch-free sealing facility – to effectively prevent contaminations. The battery-operated design means the device is mobile, but if so desired, can also be built into laboratory walls or tables. The integrated seal and cut facility makes the disposal of waste particularly easy.Product highlights:  Type tested and certified (TÜV-GS-Certificate)

  • Aerosol-tight sealing of waste
  • Touch-free sealing via sensor technology
  • Battery operated for maximum mobility and flexibility
  • Cut and seal facility
  • For waste when handling CMR drugs such as cytostatic substances and microbiological agents
  • Increases occupational safety
  • Prevents release of aerosol, Foil tubes  with reliable barrier properties
  • Best results for all permeation tests
  • (e.g. 7 days breakthrough time for Carmustine)
  • Reduces unpleasant odours
  • Safe temporary storage
  • Safe transport and disposal
  • Mobile and hygienic
  • Stainless steel casing
  • Section by section sealing of waste, Automatic transport of foil tube after sealing
  • Exceptionally well suited for use in pharmacies, pharmaceutical, industries, laboratories etc.
  • Ideal addition when working with safety cabinets
  • The Berner SealSafe® Sensor can also be built into tables or walls.

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