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Esco Pharmacon Downflow Booths



  • Modular, easy-to-clean rigid design with minimal joints.
  • Single, Two-Stage or Three-Stage HEPA/ULPA filtration can be accommodated.
  • Removable bulkhead panels enable access to fine dust filter for service from inside the booth.
  • Re-circulatory Airflow or Single Pass Airflow if solvent or hazardous fumes are present in the process (may also require explosion proof electricals).
  • Cooling Coils can be fitted to offset heat gains in re-circulatory airflow systems.
  • HEPA/ULPA gel-seal downflow filters are replaceable from within the boot. Gel-seal is more reliable than conventional gasketed seals.
  • Voltage-compensating blower(s) ensure stable airflow.
  • Magnehelic gauges provide convenient and reliable means for monitoring booth airflow.
  • Booths ship knocked-down for site assembly.
  • Compact ceiling and rear plenums maximize usable work area while minimizing floor space.
  • IQ/OQ protocols available.
  • Energy-efficient tear-drop light fittings minimize airflow disruption.
  • Comprehensive factory and site acceptance tests include: filter integrity, particle count (air cleanliness), downflow velocity and uniformity, exhaust velocity/volume, containment zone verification, noise level, light intensity, temperature rise and electrical safety.
  • Containment performance verified according to the ISPE Good Practice Guide, Assessing the Particulate Containment Performance of Pharmaceutical Equipment

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